Mission Statement

The Bulldog Backers Association is a non-profit organization comprised of Parents, Coaches and Educators supporting Academics, Arts and Athletics for the JWP School District. Our purpose is to enhance the educational experiences of the students, staff, families and our community with our fundraising efforts.

About Us

The Bulldog Backers Association seeks to support students and school activities. Members include parents, community members, and staff members at JWP.In past years, the Bulldog Backers Association has raised money through football concession stands, Pizza Pete Fundraiser and Bulldog Night Out. The money raised has supported athletics, academics, arts, along with providing scholarships and promoting school spirit.If interested in learning more about the Bulldog Backers Association please click on our meeting schedule tab located on the left hand side.


Dates coming soon!

Elected Board Members

Elected officials to the Bulldog Backers are as follows:

President - Holly Oliver

Vice President - Jessica Wheelock

Secretary - Krista Luedtke

Treasurer -Jennifer Miller

Chairperson - Gina Peterson

If you have any questions, compliments or concerns for the Bulldog Backers please email bulldogbackersassociation@gmail.com