It is the basic educational philosophy of the JWP School District to prepare our students to become productive, contributing citizens of our community and society. We believe that a comprehensive program of student activities is vital to the educational development of our students. The athletic/activities program is an extension of this philosophy. We believe an objective of a well-designed program is that the participants have fun. Within this context, it is the purpose of the school’s athletic/activities program to foster and promote:

  • Appropriate physical, social and psychological development.
  • The ideals of competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship while achieving the twin goals of success and participation.
  • The development of self-confidence, self-discipline, organization, decision making skills and goal orientation.
  • The concept of an integral relationship between a sound mind and a sound body leading to a lifetime of appreciation for physical fitness and good health habits.
  • A positive feeling of school loyalty and pride which can be shared by all participants, other students, parents, coaches and the community as a whole.
  • The development of self-esteem and a healthy self-concept. Regardless of the role students play on a team, they should complete their experience in athletics feeling good about themselves.

JWP School District has an active commitment to meet the following goals in its Activities Program:

  • To provide all student-athletes with positive experiences, which promote the ideals of leadership, physical fitness, competition and the pursuit of excellence.
  • To protect the well-being of student-athletes through policies and procedures concerned with safety, fitness, and injury.
  • To instill good sportsmanship and citizenship, ethical behavior, integrity and honesty, and desirable health and safety habits into our students.
  • To develop friendships and respect for teammates, opponents and coaches through the social experiences and contests with schools in other communities.
  • To foster progress of students through the academic curriculum at Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton Schools.